The big Idea

Heterotopian Places: Shopping Malls, Cemetery, Gardens... Those places gather unconscious meanings, collective imagery and universal stories. Our vision is to reimagine, recompose, reinterpret (basically everything in re-) those places via a fragmented & multidisciplinary approach. We want to highlight the hidden correlations, thoughts & meanings which underline Heterotopia(s).


Because we want to show our readers that interesting stories comes from basic ideas, objects & concepts that are perpetually recycled by culture, people and the zeitgeist.  

Values-what do we believe in?

Complexity. Complementarity. Creativity.

We give readers new perspectives on usually neglected concepts and places that are very often a hub for hidden gems of creativity and ideas.

Personality-how do we want to come across?

Curious, absurd, thrilling, artistic, kitsch, pop, dreamy, poetical, non-journalistic.

“Elevator Pitch” 

“Today’s meaningful stories comes from yesterday’s tabloid”

Who is behind the project?

Louis Lebaillif, a 24 year old writer and French entrepreneur . Previously I have been working in a couple of French Publishing Houses as an Assistant-Editor specializing in Communication. I have basically been writing Poetry for the past six years. Since then I have been developing my artistic practices, my writing skills and trying to explore my life as every human being. Through this new  project I aim to  develop new practices and gather a circle of people around publishing and printing.

Why did I start this project?

Basically, I just genuinely like the concept of showing how passionate and surprising supposedly boring places can be. As it seemed I was the only one interested in that particular idea in my surroundings, I decided to start look for like-minded people to collaborate with.

What it will looks like?

A strange mix between Blade Runner, Lost In Translation and a Vaporwave’s album cover sprinkled with articles on Mallsoft (nostalgic for supermarket music playlists), the art of Mall-walking and the 500 million reasons why parking lot are way more interesting than what you think. 

Where the project is based?

The project is based in Berlin, Germany. If you are interested, you basically only have to live there, have an interest in the topic and a means to express yourself.

What should I do if I am interested in the project?

Send an email to TXPmagazine(at) should be fine. 

What kind of people are we looking for?

Mostly English-speaking people living in Berlin: artists, designers, painters, writers.

In which language the magazine will be written?

In English.

What is the goal of the project?

Being famous while still broke 💸

No seriously, it is about building a network around the same passion: Publishing & printing stuff.

Will I be paid?

None of us are paid. There is also no fancy job title. But there will a lot of fun, I promise.

Where can I follow you?

We got Facebook and you can also subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here. We will not abuse of it, no worries.